We are a company that has set out to create the best ice fishing plastics that you can purchase. There are many reasons to fish with plastics but here are a couple. For one with artificial baits you don't have to spend alot of time re-baiting your jig like with live bait, it is alot easier to transport and store, and a color change is as simple as sliding off your old plastic and sliding a new color on.  But as ice fishermen know sometimes live bait is hard to beat. So we wanted to try to design a bait that was of high quality (not easy to do in micro plastics) and that had incredible action that would allow even the most finicky fish to be tempted into biting and narrow the playing field between artificial and live bait.  We've also worked to create a glow line that is intense and long lasting for when ice fishing is done in low light conditions. We developed this line of plastics to help us catch more fish and we are confident it will help you put more fish on the ice too. 





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