We are a company that has set out to create the best ice fishing plastics that you can purchase. We want all anglers to be successful when going on their next fishing adventure, and we know J and S Custom Jigs will help you get there.
Why should I fish with plastics?

  • Durability--plastics don't have to be changed often--eliminating the time re-baiting with live bait.
  • Easier to store and transport.
  • Quick and easy color changes--slide one off and replace it with another.
  •  Great action so they are easy for everyone to fish.


As ice anglers we all know that sometimes live bait is hard to compete with. That is why we designed our baits with high quality and incredible action, which isn't as easy as it sounds. With the life-like action of these baits we have narrowed the playing field between artificial and live bait, making the most finicky fish  bite. 

We also offer a line of  glow plastics in a variety of colors. These glow plastics are intense, long lasting, and work great when fishing in low light conditions. Night fishing has become more popular to many ice anglers, and glow plastics are hands down the way-to-go.

We developed this line of plastics with one goal in our minds--help anglers around the world become more successful and more productive when presenting plastics in the eyes of a fish. Our baits have helped us catch more fish and we are completely confident that they will help you put more fish on the ice too! 






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